Cannot reset WilcomWorkspace account password

Cannot reset WilcomWorkspace account password

1. Please make sure that your preferred internet browsers are updated.
2. Test other internet browsers  like MS Edge and Google Chrome. 

3. Click the internet browsers Settings > About

RESULT > Your internet browsers should show it is updated as shown below.  If not, please run the updates for your  internet browsers. 


[MS Edge or Google Chrome as sample browsers]


4. Once internet browsers are updated , open 

5. Click Forgot password , type the registered WilcomWorkspace email address .

RESULT > The system will send you the email immediately. [please refer to the screenshot below] . Check SPAM or JUNK EMAIL Folder too.  


5. Follow the instructions through.  

6.  Return to Sign in and you should be able to access Wilcom Workspace again.  

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