Dongle update process from ES e3 Dongle to ES e4 Dongle

Dongle update process from ES e3 Dongle to ES e4 Dongle


Please follow the procedure below for updating a Dongle from e3 to an e4.5 Dongle. We also call this a Dongle "DONGLE update" procedure.

Note: this procedure does not apply when updating earlier Dongle versions from e1.5, e2 Dongles to e3. 


Before you start the "DONGLE update" procedure, you must ensure that

  • No old Dongle is attached to the PC; and
  • The PC is connected to the Internet.
  • Match the Dongle IDENTITY CODE to the codes that have been issued to you via email

To find the IDENTITY CODE, Open ES > Click Setup > Click Security Device Setup > This will open the Security Device Setup Dialogue box 

Once confirmed correct, proceed with the next step. 


Follow the procedure below: 

1) Install the e4.5 Embroidery Studio software

2) The installation wizard will prompt you to attach the new Dongle (e4 Dongle), please do so, and click on “Next”

3) The installation wizard will prompt you to attach the old Dongle, please do so, and click on “Next”

Note: this starts the Dongle verification procedure. When it is completed, the Dongle updating is done and a new Access Code has been input via the Internet.

4) When the installation wizard is finished, reboot the PC


Note: at this point, the old Dongle has been disabled and the new Dongle is ready for running the e4.5 software. If your PC is not connected to the Internet, an "Access Code" input box will pop up after step 3). You may manually use the "Import Code" function to enter the Access Code that we sent you via email.


Please note: If you prefer not to update the physical Dongle, please advise our Sales team to raise an RMA for the return. 

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