Exception access violation 14 Feb 2024

Exception access violation 14 Feb 2024


Your software was working fine and then one day it showed a System Error (EXCEPTION ACCESS VIOLATION) when you start up the software.

This is most likely caused either by a corrupted recovering EMB file or by a damaged Defaults file.


The following procedure should solve the problem.

If you have EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition [DE] or  EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition [DE] HL [Dongle Version] in Windows 10 or Windows 11. 

1) If your PC is connected to an embroidery machine, please write down the machine setting parameters

2) Click on the “Start” button of Windows and go to All Programs > EmbroideryStudio EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition [DE] or  EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition [DE] HL 

3) Click on the “Purge Recover” menu

4) Click on the “OK” button in Purge Recover dialog box

5) Click on the “Revert” menu

6) In Revert dialog box, tick the checkbox for “Defaults” and click on the “OK” button

Note: now you need to start up the EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition [DE] or  EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition [DE] HL software and re-configure the embroidery machine according to the machine setting parameters that you wrote down in step 1).