How to Reset a Toolbar Layout?

How to Reset a Toolbar Layout?


The toolbar layout has been messed up.


You may reset the toolbar layout to make it back to the factory condition. Please follow the procedure below:

1) close ES DE/ ES e4.2 / ES e4.5
2) in File Explorer, go to the folder below:


For  ES DE
         C:\Program Files\Wilcom\EmbroideryStudio\Digital Edition\26\BIN

For  ES e4.5

      C:\Program Files\Wilcom\EmbroideryStudio_e4.5\BIN

For  ES e4.2 

      C:\Program Files\Wilcom\EmbroideryStudio_e4.2\BIN

For  ES e3

       C:\Program Files (x86)\Wilcom\EmbroideryStudio_e3.0\BIN


3) double click on this file:


Note: it will reset the toolbar layout of ES to let it back to the factory condition. 

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