Which version of CorelDRAW® integrates with EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition?

Which version of CorelDRAW® integrates with EmbroideryStudio Digital Edition?

The CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite 2023 is included as standard with ES Designing Digital Edition and ES Decorating Digital Edition

EmbroideryStudio Designing Digital Edition and ES Decorating Digital Edition is compatible only with the following CorelDRAW version only.

  • CorelDRAW® Graphic Suite 2023 Bundled with  ES Designing Digital Edition and ES Decorating Digital Edition

CorelDRAW® Graphic Suite 2023

  1. CorelDRAW® needs to be registered separately before it can be used by EmbroideryStudio.
  2. Registration provides CorelDRAW® Standard Membership which gives you access to content – clipart, fonts, stock photos, templates – via Corel CONNECT. It also gives you access to the latest CorelDRAW® updates.
  3. The built-in CorelDRAW Graphics window includes CorelDRAW® drawing tools which offer many techniques for drafting outlines and shapes on screen. Vector objects can be converted to embroidery designs.
  4. CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite may be installed together with Windows .NET Framework. To ensure that CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite is installed with the correct version of .NET, make sure you install it when prompted to do so. It can take up to 20 minutes or more to install the .NET Framework on some computers.

For a full description of the tools, refer to the online help available from the Graphics mode Help menu.

EmbroideryStudio only supports the MS Windows® version of CorelDRAW®.

IMPORTANT: CorelDRAW® Graphic Suite 2017 / CorelDRAW® Graphic Suite 2021 SE and CorelDRAW® Graphic Suite 2021 Standard is not supported in Embroidery Studio Digital Edition software. 

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